CSS3 & HTML5 Availability

Calling all web designers - we're charting the availability of HTML5 & CSS3 in the wild and would like your help to make the data useful.

Since we launched FindMeByIP.com back in 2009 we've collected tens of thousands of results for you all showing what HTML5 and CSS3 features your client's browsers support.

We thought it was about time we shared that information so from today we've a (very experimental at this stage) chart showing each feature and what percentage of results show that the feature is available.

Check out the Availability Chart here

At this stage we're asking you all to let us know how we can make this data more useful so please, if you've any thoughts on the subject let us know.

This coming Friday we'll set to work to implement your ideas.... or, if no-one makes any suggestions I guess we'll just go to the pub early!

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Responses. (3)

  1. M K

    Matteo Lissandrini


    Can we see how many visitors with IE (and wich version) , how many with FF (and wich version), etc. there were?

    Then the possibility to repaint the chart also considering _only_ a subset of browsers, let's say the latest version of each one, or only browsers from win or from linux

  2. A F


    Doesn't work :)

    I'm fairly certain my IP address is not I'm guessing it's some sort of NAT thing - whatsmyip works though.

    Also, Chrome 2? Where did you dig that up? It's at 4 now, and is naturally in sync with Safari - Developer's edition is at 5.

  3. J M


    @KuZeKo @Anton

    Thanks KuZeKo, great suggestion - I'll pop that on the list.

    Anton, you're quite right, your IP's not! The /chart and /litmus pages were made completely static in a bit of a rush because a couple of 1,000 people suddenly all turned up at our servers at once! If you go to the main page fmbip.com it should all work.

    Re. Chrome 4 - I'm not sure what that's about - I need to check. The results were generated by firing litmusapp.com at our fmbip.com page so I need to check the version of Chrome I selected there. It might be that the UserAgent regex is a bit broken.