First ever Tweets by 13 Top Web Designers

A complied list of the first ever Tweets by 13 of the industry's finest web designers.


Twitter was founded in 2006 and four years and over a billion tweets later we are still using it to let others known "what's happening now". The service is very popular amongst web designers. Unsurpising really, as they tend to spend 90% of their day in front of a screen.

If you're anything like me you probably follow a few "celebrity" designers/developers in the hope that some of their skill talent magic might rub off on you. These "weblebrity's" are usually professional tweeters, but even they had to start somewhere. I've compiled a list of 13 top web designers and their first ever Tweets.

First Tweets by 13 Top Web Designers

  • Paul Boag: "Sitting in my hotel room at the Refresh06 web design conference" (5:37 AM Nov 17th 2006)
  • Zeldman: "scratching" (9:15 AM Dec 12th, 2006)
  • Elliot Jay Stocks: "Working through a number of bug fixes in preparation to moving on to the Carsonified redesign project!" (2007-08-16 13:15:02)
  • Remy Sharp: "Signing up to twitter and having a flitter." (12:12 PM Jan 16th, 2007)
  • Andy Clarke: "working on an interface design for a national research organisation" (9:11 AM Dec 1st 2006)
  • Mike Kus: "Uh oh!" (6:55 AM May 10th, 2008)
  • Mark Boulton: "has finally caved" (3:47 AM Mar 10th, 2008)
  • Joe Hewitt: "coding" (6:19 PM Mar 15th, 2007)
  • Larissa Meek: "eating tacos" (8:54 AM Mar 21st, 2007)
  • Ryan Carson: "Leaving for Venice!" (3:36 AM Nov 22nd, 2006)
  • Jason Santa Maria: "Trying to wake up." (4:12 AM Dec 12th, 2006)
  • Grace Smith: "Just had a crap takeaway so am consoling myself with a large cup of tea and a large dose of Arrested Development Series 2" (2:48 PM Dec 15th, 2007)
  • Megan Fisher: "Being horribly bored at work. Can't wait for the WWDC to start." (6:48 AM Jun 11th, 2007)

Who's missing?

Have I missed anyone out? Found amusing/interesting first tweets? Share them with the community - leave a comment.


Data for these tweets was sourced via the very cool My Tweet 16 web app.

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