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A technical and highly professional website for Langley - an industry leading company in the construction industry. The site includes full integration to their business systems, document management, user registration lead asset downloads and Dropbox integration for fast document management.

The Challenge

The nature of Langley’s work means that they work within a market that requires a wealth of due diligence to be carried out. The challenge was to build a site and implement a navigation structure and information architecture that allows multiple audiences with differing needs to access the information they required quickly and easily.

How We Did It

Using the Spirit Development Platform we implemented a fully Content Management System enabled website that allowed Langley Waterproofing to manage Navigation, Content and Downloadable Assets from one easy to use interface.

For Langley good visuals are an important selling tool so we designed and built and slideshow that showcased their most current work and integrated this in the Spirit Asset Management Tool to allow their staff to add new pictures themselves.

Spirit also allows them to provide New Updates and upload new Case Studies going into valuable detail about each aspect of their business.

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