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In August 2009 we were asked by the management team of a chain of 3 hotels to complete a re-design of each of their websites. Effective cross-branding, multiple Calls to Action and online marketing support were just a few of objectives of this project we successfully met.

A Unique Challenge

Designing and building 3 sites that needed to express the uniquity of each hotel yet maintain a common thread in branding was a unique challenge that we were happy to take on.

Each destination has its own character so in order to retain that and maintain brand consistency we chose a simple yet effective device – colour. By making colour a variable across the 3 sites we retained brand consistency while allowing each hotel to project their unique identity onto their site.

Planning Saves Money

To ensure that all 3 sites were consistent in their layout and the typography used we utilized a core CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file to control all of these elements centrally. Each site has its own unique “style code” which determines it colour, imagery and the backgrounds used which means that any alterations cane be made across the portfolio of sites with one action – saving our time and the client money.

Continuing the Good Work

We have continued to support each hotel with further application development, email marketing and Search Engine Optimisation work which has achieved the following results:

  • Identifying, driving and converting up-selling opportunities to create £216,000 of revenue through online bookings
  • Generating 140,000 visitors and achieving top Google rankings for key search terms

This project is an example of the power and flexibility of our Spirit Framework development platform and how seriously we take not only delivering a great website but also ensuring that our clients achieve a significant return on their investment through targeted consultancy and online marketing work.

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    An integral part of our team

    Jim and his team are always ready to give their time generously, and have been faultless in constantly challenging us with new ideas to make our website even more of a success than it already is.

    Deep Blue Sky have now become trusted partners and an integral part of our sales and marketing team.