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A major US product line was in need of a refresh. Deep Blue Sky continued their relationship with a reknowned client to engage with a modern audience

The existing website was a little tired and wasn’t drawing the right audience. Having already worked on a previous product range for the same client Deep Blue Sky were engaged to revitalise this exciting product line.

We undertook user experience testing and combined this with our "User Experience" expertise to discover what wasn’t working, what was, to restyle the site, and to improve the way the content was delivered and displayed.

The result is a clean, fresh and appealing site, better positioned for its target audience, and adaptable to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, making the product more accessible to a new demographic. 

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Deep Blue Sky provide a range of services from pure web design to development, for both mobile or "traditional" websites, incorporating hosting and support, business systems, digital consultancy and social media integration.

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