Redesign for Walmart brand

Deep Blue Sky were sought out to revamp the design of a major US product portal

Deep Blue Sky, Bath and Bristol's premier web design agency, were approached to breathe new life into Walmart's own-brand website for baby formula.

Using our in-house design strategy, formulated over many years of successful use, our creative design team - before even beginning to consider any design aspects - undertook to understand the company and the product, its features and its customers, and then to find out what the purposes of the newly-designed site were to be.

Only when this preparatory knowledge was at hand could any future redesign begin to address the needs and priorities of our client.

Deep Blue Sky carried out usability tests on the existing website to ascertain what current customers considered its strengths and weaknesses and too this into account when formulating the redesign. 

As well as refreshing the site through clearer visuals and colouring, we improved the accessibility and usability of the site, including a responsive aspect which ensures that the site renders effectively on smartphones as well as larger screens, greatly increasing its prospective audience.

The design was implemented in markup and on approval was handed to the client for implementation - another example of a "design only" project successfully completed by one of the South West's best web design companies. 

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