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CVsky is a brand new platform for the UK's top companies to find only the very best candidates.

Deep Blue Sky are very proud to have launched CVsky - the only way to keep track of the best candidates available.  It is an indispensable tool for anyone who is genuinely looking to hire the best. 

Deep Blue Sky were approached to design, build and host a new, innovative way of matching employers seeking the best candidates with those candidates themselves, provided by the best agencies in their field.

There was one caveat - the initial phase had to be completed quickly! The creative staff at Deep Blue Sky pulled out all the stops and, keeping in daily contact with the responsive client, quickly deployed the basic underlying technical structure of the website and then applied the visual structure and design in quick succession.

As with any innovative new project, there were changes to incorporate along the way and Deep Blue Sky proved to be adaptive and flexible enough to incorporate these modifications, to ensure that the end result was true to the client's vision.

The first phase was implemented quickly and efficiently. The result: another satisfied client.

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  1. J T


    Extremely professional and helpful at all times

    Deep Blue Sky has exceeded all of my expectations. They worked very well under pressure remaining organised as a team and task oriented. They were extremely professional and helpful at all times. I could not possibly recommend them enough.