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A complete rebuild of a highly sucessful, world renowned hotel booking website Room for Romance including CMS, back-office reservations systems, third-party reservations integration on our super-fast web development platform.

DeepBlueSky are pleased to announce the relaunch of Room for Romance, a highly sucessful Romantic Hotel Collection website now powered by the Spirit Framework.

"When we needed to change our online booking system at short notice, Deep Blue Sky were not only extremely knowledgeable but hugely supportive, helping us to develop a workable short-term booking strategy within 24 hours while we mapped out the bigger picture. They have also rebuilt our website from scratch, created a multi-faceted editing system for our team and helped us develop online shopping."

- Mairiona Cotter, Riva Publishing

The Challenge

Riva Publishing (owners of Room for Romance) came to DeepBlueSky looking for an agency who could provide the level of expertise necessary to support their growing online hotel business.

They also needed to rebuild their entire website on a foundation which was flexible enough to scale to meet a potentially explosive growth in traffic.

All this was to be achieved whilst maintaining and managing a current live website which regualrly received traffic in excess of 100,000 visitors per day.

What we Delivered

DeepBlueSky rebuilt the entire Room for Romance website on the latest version of the Spirit Framework; a development platform that can integrate Content Management, eCommerce, CRM and email marketing.

Our front end design team faithfully reproduced the original visuals of the Room for Romance website, going the extra mile to create a solid styling framework which would enable rapid development of new features.

Similar attention to detail was employed by our web development team, who quickly and effectively optimised the database and improved code performance to ensure the site was more than ready for the demands that future development might throw at it.

Social Media and Marketing Expertise

As experts in social media, DeepBlueSky were well placed to advise Room for Romance on strategies for increasing followers and friends on the emergeing markets of Twitter and Facebook.

Indeed, the launch of the new website in early July 2011 resulted in an 8% increase in people following the Room for Romance social media accounts on bothTwitter and Facebook.

The Spirit Framework's integrated email marketing suite also enables Room for Romance to schedule regular promotional campaigns to send to an automatically updated customer database. DeepBlueSky's understanding of Google Analytics allows us to ensure that campaigns are targeted, effective and show a real return on investment for our client's business.

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Responses. (2)

  1. I Z


    Nice work!

    Very nice design and color matching. I like this simple and yet interesting style in web design

  2. M C


    Invaluable knowledge of travel and hotels

    Deep Blue Sky have an invaluable knowledge of the travel and hotel business and are always able to look at the bigger picture and how best to achieve our business goals when discussing our plans.

    They are also very aware of the SEO implications in everything we do. The DBS team are invariable helpful, patient and responsive in dealing with technical issues and their support over the last 12 months has been much appreciated.

    They have developed the Spirit hotel booking module into a very efficient business tool.