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Powabyke are the UK’s premier manufacturer of electrics bikes, a market worth £25 million in 2009. They approached us to design and develop a website that supporting their growing brand, provided a great experience for multiple audiences and would be a framework for future development with out the need for a substantial re-build.

DeepBlueSky are pleased to announce the launch of the new website for Powabyke, UK's premier electric bike manufacturer.

The Challenge

Supporting and portraying the Powabyke brand through their new website was a given from the start of this project. It emerged that the main challenge was to design and develop a site that provided the experience required by 2 distinct audiences with differing needs; customers and dealers.

What We Delivered

In order to meet this challenge the design we produced included:

  • A clean and modern aesthetic that allowed focus to remain on the products
  • A clear and descriptive primary navigation that allowed both Customers and Dealers to access the information they required
  • Effective use of Product and “lifestyle” imagery
  • Clear Links and Calls to Action leading to the Customer and Dealer information zones

A Foundation for Development

In building this site we made use of our Spirit Framework development platform that can integrate Content Management, eCommerce, CRM and email marketing without the necessity of a full re-build. In doing so we have provided a web site that will be able to grow with Powabyke.

We are presently working with Powabyke to introduce eCommerce functionality to allow customers to purchase spares and accessories online.

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