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AnimationBase is an online destination for professionals in the animation industry. Deep Blue Sky designed, built and delivered its original incarnation in 2007 and has recently undertaken a re-design of this popular site.

Deep Blue Sky were tasked with upgrading the aesthetic of the AnimationBase website and making the navigation and user experience more intuitive and rewarding.

Taking into account clear directives from the client and feedback from users we implemented updates to make the site easier to use, give access to key information more quickly and portray the AnimationBase brand well.

Spirit Recruitment

AnimationBase is built using Deep Blue Sky’s “Spirit Recruitment Development Platform”. The flexible nature of Spirit allowed us to create a new skin for the website without having to change any of its core architecture.
The Spirit Recruitment module includes the following features as standard: 

  • Management of Jobs Listings and Content
  • Email list Management
  • User Registration and CV upload
  • User Profiling and Search Tools
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion
  • Usage Reporting and Statistical Analysis

AnimationBase is one of many recruitment websites that have been delivered by Deep Blue Sky using this platform.

To find out how we can breathe new life into your Recruitment website call us on 01225 444674.

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