Deep Blue Sky Sponsors PHP South West

We're excited to sponsor PHPSW, hosting PHP & related tech meet ups every month.

The Digital Tech economy in Bristol and Bath is booming. With growth reaching 11.2% between 2010 and 2014 - 3 x faster the rest of the UK - there’s never been a better time for digital in the Silicon Gorge.

A recent report from Tech City UK and Nesta has revealed that Bristol and Bath is the most productive tech cluster in the UK with an incredible £296,340 of sales per worker, London follows in second place with just £205,390.

With such an active group of tech experts in the area, we’re delighted to be sponsoring PHP South West; a series of workshops and events aimed at those who are in, or aspire to join tech businesses in the area.

The Bristol-based group meets on the second Wednesday of every month to share knowledge, experiences, best practice and related technologies. There are 2 or 3 speakers at each event covering topics like debugging, frameworks, packages, scaling & testing.

All events are free, anyone of any skill level is welcome to come along and there’s always beer and snacks up for grabs! The next event on “Clean Code” will be held in Bristol on Wednesday 13th April; you can sign up and get more information at


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