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The world famous Wedginald Cheddar - read his life story.

On the 1st January 2007 Bath web designers Deep Blue Sky, our client West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers and their brilliant PR agency Bray Leino set out to explain to the world what it really meant for great, original British cheddar to be 12 months matured.

For a full year we streamed live video of one lucky round of Westcombe Dairy cheddar onto the website and out to the world.

International success

By early February, word of the cheese's fame had spread as far as Reuters headquarters in New York City where the story exploded across the world and by April the cheese - christened "Wedginald" by his avid followers - had amassed a fan base of over 1 million viewers.

Throughout the year tributes were sent from far and wide - Valentines cards from the US, gifts from Australia, even a signed rugby ball from the British Rugby team.

Finally in November, Wedginald was auctioned for BBC's Children In Need charity appeal and won by a bidder in New Zealand. At the end of his one-year maturation he was flown, first class around the world courtesy of Air New Zealand to his new home.

Time-Lapse - 12 Months

Here is the full 12 months time-lapse of Wedginald's year in the spotlight.

First three months

We've also included the first time-lapse video (0-3 months) which, with almost half a million views, seems the more popular.

Today Deep Blue Sky continues to build successful viral social campaigns so if you have a crazy idea that you think could showcase your product to the world why not get in touch with us today.

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