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  • Best practice for images in emails

    Best practice for images in emails

    One place indirect marketing impacts us the most is through the visual image. It is therefore natural for a novice marketer to want to pack an email full of pictures. Unlike traditional marketing, email marketing shows a converse effect of lower conversions for higher image-to-text ratio. So why is email so different?

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  • Improving email deliverability

    Improving email deliverability

    The police of email - huge international organisations such as Spamhaus and Barracuda are the biggest players in deciding what lands in an inbox and what simply thrown away. Controlled by little to no laws both in the UK and internationally, they are a law unto themselves, and what they say has a deep, and sometimes devastating, impact on email deliverability.

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  • My first week at Deep Blue Sky

    My first week at Deep Blue Sky

    Graham provides an insight into his first week at work at Deep Blue Sky (be warned, this is a long article so a comfy chair, warm drink and cushion would be useful)

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  • Graham joins Deep Blue Sky

    Graham joins Deep Blue Sky

    Deep Blue Sky are happy to announce the recruitment of Graham Sanders, a versatile creative digital and print designer.

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